The Weathered Vane Story - About Us

About Us - Clayton & EmmaDid you know that Google, The Walt Disney Co., HP, Amazon, and Apple were all started in garages? So was ours! Well … a shop, technically speaking, which ought to be considered the Cadillac of garages, so I’m hopeful!

My name is Emma, and this handsome, tall drink of water to my left is Clayton. We met in college through mutual friends and quickly realized we had a lot in common, including the dream of being entrepreneurs, which is what lead you to our site.

We both grew up on small farms in rural Iowa communities which is a first hand entrepreneurial endeavor indeed, and while the lessons we learned and work we endured were difficult, life on the farm was simple.

Weather vanes are most common on top of old barns, acting as an indicator of wind direction. Farmers would use them to predict impending weather changes. Weather vanes have actually been around since 48 BCE (a.k.a. way before our time).

As Christianity spread across Europe in the 5th century, people began to associate the rooster on top of the weathervane as a messenger between Heaven and Earth. The Charlotte Observer says, “The rooster was a symbol of fearlessness in battle and Christian Devotion. … an ancient symbol for divine guidance.”

That’s the end of our history lesson, I digress.

"Sometimes in the wind of change we find our true direction."

Trusting in God and making this leap of faith to pursue our inner entrepreneur, we founded The Weathered Vane! As a couple who strives on self-sufficiency and loves to DIY, our passions are far and wide, from sewing to carpentry and homesteading to laser engraving. While we are working on finding our niche, we never know which direction the wind will blow next.