Just Getting Started

I suppose it is cliché to be writing our very first blog post at the beginning of a new year, when 1) we have owned this site for over 6 months now, and 2) it seems to be a prime time of the year for people to start new habits with good intention but little commitment. However, if we learned anything in 2023, it is simply to – just start! 

Looking For a Simple Answer? Just Start.

In July of 2023, I was given the opportunity to pursue this entrepreneurial endeavor, and since then, I have spent countless hours doing research, reading books, listening to podcasts, and studying other blogs and social media channels, hoping to find a simple answer about how to run a successful blog. And amongst the research I did, having millions of resources at my disposal on the internet, and dare I say, my degree in marketing, running a successful website is still quite intimidating. Ironically, the bottom line of all of my research and reading and listening and studying was the same message – just start. It can’t get much simpler than that! 

The Process

In fact, I made this revelation while sitting in the hunting blind for the first time this weekend. Clayton's favorite hobby is hunting, which is great for us as aspiring homesteaders to fill our freezers, so I tagged along (pun intended). It was SO relaxing to be out in nature without a cell signal and to wind down after the busy holiday season, and my goodness did I have a lot of time to think. I am a busy body, so leaving me with my own thoughts gives Tasmanian devil vibes. 

For those who don’t know, hunting takes a lot of patience … like A LOT. I just declared myself a busy body, so patience is not a virtue of mine. I was so confident that we would see a deer at first light and be done hunting by 8 a.m. Wishful thinking, I suppose! Instead, we persevered through an early, 20 degree, chilly morning and didn’t see anything moving, not even the trees in the wind. So, we moved to a new location in the afternoon, sat, and waited … and waited … and waited. I turned to Clayton at 4:30 p.m. and said, “If we don’t see anything by 5, lets pack up and go.”  At this point, I had the same confidence as I had in the morning, but this time that we were NOT going to see a deer. And at 4:55 p.m., Clayton looks out the window of the blind and frantically turns to me with excitement because, of course, there is a deer. From 100 yards, I shot my first deer – exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time!

We packed up the hunting blind and set out to find the blood trail. Keep in mind, at 5:00 p.m., in January, in Iowa, its dark outside. Initially, upon finding the deer, I was angry – it was tiny. I was angry at Clayton for encouraging me to shoot it, I was angry at myself for shooting an animal that young, and I was convinced that this deer had no meat on it. Why did I waste my time shooting something that couldn’t fill the freezer? Come to find out, the younger and smaller the deer, the better it tastes! And in all of my frustration, Clayton, with all of his patience, reminded me that hunting isn’t about the size of the animal but the process of hunting it. 

Hunting is Like Owning a Business (kind of)the Weathered Vane Logo
That experience alone taught me several lessons about starting this business and this blog: 
1. Success takes time. 
2. Don’t become discouraged – when it is the right time, you’ll know. 
3. Patience is key (I’m working on it). 
4. Resilience and perseverance are survival skills. 
5. It is not always about the outcome but the process and learning to get there. 
6. Just Start – You can’t shoot a deer if you don’t go hunting. 

Just Getting Started

Cheers to a new year, a new chapter, and a new blog post – we are just getting started!

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