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Scrap Fabric Hearts

Scrap Fabric Hearts

Scrap Fabric Hearts These scrap fabric hearts are a delightful way to repurpose leftover material and spread a little love! So simple, they make a perfect weekend or weeknight craft. You can use plain material, patterned material, old quilts, vintage fabric, even feed sacks – whatever your heart desires! Use as vintage inspired Valentine’s Day

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Navigate the New Year with Purpose. Stop manifesting the victim mentality.

Navigating the New Year with Purpose

Navigating the New Year with Purpose As I was scrolling through Facebook the other day, I stopped on a post that said, “January felt like a free trial month.” Although, funny, also very true! Did you feel this way?  I got to reflecting on all that I had done this month, and of course, started

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Just Start

Just Getting Started

I suppose it is cliché to be writing our very first blog post at the beginning of a new year, when 1) we have owned this site for over 6 months now, and 2) it seems to be a prime time of the year for people to start new habits with good intention but little

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